Sawansukha Institute
of Gemology and Jewellery Design


Infrastructure in SIG

SIG offers state of the art facilities that allow a student to be groomed to perfection and meet his aspiration of being a world class jewellery designer. Here are some of the infrastructural facilities provided by SIG.

The reception area -

Gives you a feel right from the start yes i am in the right place. A person would greet you, fill out the digital enquiry form, on the tab provided and relax as you wait for a counsellor to join you and guide to a world of skill and creativity.

The wall of fame -

From the reception area you can take a glance at our wall of fame, all the success that SIG has achieved over the time. As many as 42 awards and recognitions, sig is without a doubt the best gem and jewellery training institute in eastern India.

Big and welcoming classrooms for different subjects and the star of the institute the designing room, sit where 30 national jewellery award winning student designers have sat and gained there fame. Feel the positive vibrations of their success and get motivated to walk on the same path to make for you.

Spacious system room, individual systems for individual students, no need of feeling that you are losing time, practise well and learn the best from the best.

The crown of the jewel highly equipped jewellery making rooms, with all amenities, tools and provisions to help you learn in a convenient, safe and functional environment, this helps you work and learn effortlessly.